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Heiser: Robert's Maine Grill A Nice Suprise

Photo: The first floor dining room at Robert's Maine Grill/Ted Axelrod

At Robert Maine's Grill in Kittery, The Portland Press Herald's Nancy Heiser looks past the "kitschy" faux lighthouse outside (all that remains of a previous restaurant that burned down) to find "an updated, two-story place for good food that goes well beyond the fried seafood basket." Lobster sliders on buttermilk biscuits, "decadently good" scallops, "luscious raspberry pie" and "affable and efficient" service land Robert's three-and-a-half stars.

Overall, Robert's Maine Grill is a well-oiled operation serving fresh seafood and updated mainstream dishes that taste far better than assembly-line fare. Just don't expect an intimate, quiet and slow dinner with candlelight.

For Maine Magazine's Eat Maine blog, Joe Ricchio enjoys an evening at Seagrass Bistro in Yarmouth, where the decor is "modern yet inviting" and chef/owner Stephanie Brown changes her entire menu every three weeks.

This is important for both the guests—who have grown so accustomed to this practice that they actually remind her when the change is due to take place—and the kitchen alike, ensuring that the gears never stop turning and complacency never sets in.
The From Away bloggers join other voices — including The New York Times last month — singing the praises of tiny Long Grain restaurant in Camden, "a comfortable neighborhood place serving food that is astonishingly good." Jillian on the dish called Drunken Noodle:
All of these more or less humble ingredients created seemingly endless combinations with every taste. I ate well past the point of hunger or decorum. I kept saying, "this is my last bite" only to let my fork fall back in the bowl for another half-drunken go round.
And from Malcolm:
We can't call the food being presented at Long Grain "Fusion Cuisine," because this isn't 1994 and I'm not standing in a strip mall. We also can't call it "New Thai" because ew. Instead, we'll concentrate, as they do at Long Grain, on the ingredients. There's not a dish of tepid yellow curry with crinkle-cut carrots anywhere in sight.

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Long Grain

20 Washington Street, , ME 04843 (207) 236-9001 Visit Website

Robert's Maine Grill

216 Route 1, Kittery ME