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Porthole Chef: Tip Came From 'Disgruntled' Ex-Staffer

As fans of the Porthole returned to familiar bar stools and tables this morning, the restaurant's chef Will Spear told the Munjoy Hill News he believes the typed letter that tipped off the Portland health inspector about rats and other concerns at the restaurant was sent by a "former disgruntled employee." Calling it a "hate" letter, Spear addressed the accusation that there were drug and alcohol problems at the Porthole.

He acknowledged he does hire people with drug/alcohol addictions. 'You'd be surprised at the amount of people living sober here. There are employees who are trying to live better,' he said.
Patrons interviewed by the MHN seemed unfazed by the severity of the violations. "William Smith, of MA, who works four days a week here on Commercial Street said: 'I heard it was shut down, but we have to support local businesses.'"

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[Photo: Spoon & Shutter]