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Who Wants To Bring A Food Truck To Portland? Nobody

After a task force worked for a year to put together a policy that would allow food trucks to operate in Portland, permit applications have been available since Aug. 16— but not one has been filed. According to a story in today's Portland Press Herald, the rules, designed to protect restaurants, are just too restrictive. From 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., food trucks can operate only in certain locations, "largely away from downtown and existing restaurants." From 10 p.m. to 6 p.m., trucks can serve the late night crowds downtown, as long as they stay 65 feet away from restaurants and hotels —not easy to do.

Even Sarah Sutton, who operates the Bite Into Maine truck in Cape Elizabeth and was the inspiration for the task force, has not yet pursued bringing her truck to Portland.

What they've opened up is pretty limited, she said. It's not an opportune time to find a spot. If we could be on the street, that would be a different story.
Steve DiMillo, of DiMillo's on the Water, served on the task force and had thought about opening a food truck himself.
But for now, those plans are on the back burner, he said. DiMillo said he hopes someone steps forward this season to open a food truck, because it would be good for the city. But he doesn't want it bad enough to allow them to set up in his waterfront parking lot. Maybe if they were selling margaritas, he said. Oh, wait, I guess we sell those, too.

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