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Coffee Goes Green; Natl. Spotlight On 'Out Of The Blue'

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PORTLAND - Coffee By Design, which recently installed solar panels on the roof of its Port City location, is one of 10 finalists in the running to win Green America's first-ever People and Planet award, according to MaineBiz. Three businesses that "best exemplify innovative, green business practices" will each will $5,000. Voting is open until Labor Day at [MB]

PORTLAND - The Associated Press (and umpteen other news outlets) have been spreading the word about "Out of the Blue" the program by the Portland-based Gulf of Maine Research Institute to introduce restaurant diners to lesser-known species of fish. In June, Redfish was on the menu; in July, it was mackerel. Next up are Sept. 28-Oct. 7 and Oct. 26-Nov. 7, "but organizers aren't saying which species will be featured." [MB]

PORTLAND - Zagat is looking for locals to rate Portland restaurants, according to Portland Food Map. "It looks like the everyone’s feedback will be compiled at made available on Google Plus." [PFM]

Coffee By Design

43 Washington Ave. Portland, ME