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'World Series' Chefs In Maine For Final Round

Who knew there was a "World Series" of lobster? Well there is, and it's sponsored by Shucks Maine Lobster of Richmond, described on its website as a "seafood processing business." Its product - raw lobster meat removed from the shell using water pressure - is a favorite of chefs.

After kicking off in Hong Kong, of all places, last fall, continuing in Boston, then Brussels, the first-ever competition is coming to Maine for the final round, according to On Aug. 13, the Asian winner, chef Patrick Goubier of Chez Patrick in Hong Kong, European champion, chef Gerd Kastenmeier of Kastenmeiers in Dresden, Germany and chef Chris Gould of Uni in Boston (a Ken Oringer restaurant), the U.S. champion, will begin a three-day "Maine Lobster Experience," which includes pulling traps with a Stonington fisherman. For the finale, they will compete at the Scarborough home of Steve and Michelle Corry (owners of Petite Jacqueline and Five-Fifty-Five in Portland).

Chefs must prepare one dish that will include their entire meat from one whole shucked lobster ... that will both tantalize and tease the judges’ taste buds.
Judges are Linda Greenlaw, the famous swordfishing boat captain-turned author; Luke Holden and Ben Conniff of Luke's Lobster in New York City; and the writer of the story, Dez Bartelt, a travel writer based in Argentina.

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