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Sam Calagione Talks Beer Ideas At Google

Beer god Sam Calagione lives and brews his Dogfish Head beers in Delaware, but mid-coast Mainers think of him as one of their own - he and his family have long summered on Southport Island, where the "real" Dogfish Head is. Calagione lent his expertise to help Southport's Win Mitchell (a friend from his childhood summers) launch the Boothbay Craft Brewery, and his star power to inaugurate the Craft Beer Comes to Boothbay festival last year. Most of the time, however, Sam is far from Maine and on a much larger stage, like "talking at Google about the collaborative projects that resulted in Urkontinent and Positive Contact beers" in a video posted by Eater National. Those seriously into beers will want to watch this "over an hour of beer nerdery."

· Watch Sam Calagione Talk Beer Creation And Bad Ideas {~EN~]
[Photo: Sam Calagione at the 2011 Craft Beer Comes To Boothbay: Hop Press East