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Bloggers Give Former Turn-Offs Another Try

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Grace Restaurant: Ted Axelrod

Portland Food Map hosts a monthly, "collaborative food blogging project" among three Maine blogs: Edible Obsessions, The Blueberry Files and the curiously named Vrai-lean-uh. This month, the bloggers (none of whom are identified on their blogs by name) were asked to give restaurants they had visited and dissed a "Second Chance."EO finds things changed much for the better at Grace, admitting to being in "a bit of a pickle" having recently been a guest of the restaurant, along with other local food writers, for a preview of its "Whole Beast Feast."

For us, it's no longer an overpriced, monolith of a restaurant whose food wouldn't even pass in restaurants that charged one third of the price ... Grace is a new restaurant, completely different than the one I was disappointed with a few years ago.
TBF is unhappy - again - with Taco Escobarr.
Unfortunately, my second visit to Taco Escobarr just revealed more of the same. Greasy food, over priced ... in a loud, neon, fratty environment. If you're in the mood for crunchy Tex Mex Taco Tuesday-esque food, go to Amigo's, where at least you know what you're in for. If you want good tacos, with interesting fillings and salsa, head across the bridge into South Portland to Taco Trio.

Vrai-lean-uh (wondering what that means - if you know, please share in the comments) returns to Sonny's, wanting to like it because of the "lovely space" and affection for its sister restaurant, Local 188. Sonny's comes up short, though.

If you’re just looking for a drink and appetizers, I would recommend Sonny’s. Their drinks are very good, the bar is lovely and very appealing. I just wouldn’t go for dinner.
The author of PFM gives a second chance to The Farmer's Table, having heard good things from friends "whose culinary sensibilities I trust."
The outdoor decks overlooking Commercial Street don’t have an equal and I enjoyed my wine quite a bit but the food didn’t live up to the view and with so many other excellent eating options in town it didn’t make it into my regular rotation.

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Local 188

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