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Pastry Lust And Dancing At Mornings In Paris

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Joe Duley, whose bio says he covers Portland restaurants for (not frequently, though, his previous post was Feb. 8) peppers a recent write-up of Portland's Mornings in Paris Cafe with French phrases and cringe-worthy imagery. He also uses "Shoppe" without a trace of irony: "Mornings in Paris is a quaint, patisserie, boulangerie, bakery, aka coffee Shoppe - in Portland, Maine."

The fun continues:

So if you’re looking for a French café experience, you’ll need not rendezvous to a bureau de change to grab some Euros and head to Les Champs-Elysees ... The wonderful service was only surpassed by the incredible tasting treats and freshly roasted coffee beverages with which I satisfied my taste buds’ lustful wants. ... I waltzed around the croissant the way Marlon Brando danced around in Last Tango in Paris - but instead of butter, I embraced a Strawberry Cream Square (which I still crave like a long-lost lover).
Yikes! Later he writes: "I danced around like a cancan dancer." Too much coffee, perhaps?

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[Photo: The Culinary Librarian blog]

Mornings In Paris

13 Exchange St. Portland, ME