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Manly Lobster, Bygone Restaurants, Pies With A Mission

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KENNEBUNKPORT - Mabel's Lobster Claw in is in the running to be named the Manliest Seafood Shack in America - if voters in a contest by Men's Health magazine choose it over other nominees in the Manliest Restaurants Contest. Meredith Goad reports in The Portland Press Herald that the restaurant was nominated because of it's "over-the-top" baked stuffed lobster dish, Lobster Savannah.

PORTLAND- Remember The Good Egg Cafe, F. Parker Reidy's, or even further back, Marcel's? Fans of Portland food and restaurant history - or even just the mildly curious - will find a fascinating read on Epicuranoid, the blog by chef Michael Quigg of Beale Street Barbecue in Bath. Thanks to Portland Food Map for the introduction.

PORTLAND - Maine Fresh seafood pies, made from recipes by chef Sam Hayward of Fore Street, merited a mention in The Boston Globe for the cause they benefit. "Pie sales support the work of the Cobscook Community Learning Center, helping address the issues endemic to rural Washington County, the state’s poorest."

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[Photo: Gil's Thrilling (And Filling) blog]

Mabel's Lobster Claw

124 Ocean Ave. Kennebunkport, ME