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Food Coma TV Calls It Quits After Season 2

Joe Ricchio, Alex Steed and Joel Beauchamp are signing off from their wacky, booze-riddled, food and travel series that in two seasons took viewers "from Sanford to the St. John Valley," according to Emily Burnham on the Bangor Daily News' Culture Shock blog. Episodes featured Ricchio and Beauchamp careening around the state to feature fascinating food culture in places where it might not be expected.

The financial strain of creating the show was pretty epic, as we were routinely spending more money than we were bringing in. Beyond that, as the show matured, it became somewhat clear that we each had a somewhat different view of what the show was supposed to be, the tone, the genre, and so on, said Alex Streed, producer of the show. And so we decided that before we let these factors eat into the quality of future shows, we’d pursue other creative, hopefully sustainable endeavors at a time where we feel like we are at the top of our game.

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[Photo: Joe Ricchio (left) and Joel Beauchamp, Zack Bowen, USM Free Press]