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Life Is Hard; Might As Well Drink Up, At SWAT

First there was Silly's, the iconic Portland restaurant whose motto is, according to its website, "to provide wonderful service catered by unique people in an atmosphere of positive energy, whimsy and relaxed intensity coupled with food that is fresh, simple and delicious." Then came Silly's With A Twist, a bar next door, with the Silly's distinctive quirk and drinks like the Gargle Blaster and the Violet Pirate, according to The Portland Phoenix.

SWAT ... looks lived-in, eclectic, knick-knacky, comfortable, and a bit darker. It has also developed a cocktail list that recreates the insouciant spirit of the original. There is a vibe of kitchen-laboratory experimentation. The names are goofy, and the mixers largely an assortment of sweet juices, Izze sodas, and other soft drinks. Some rims are salted, but more feature some sort of syrupy sugar, like butterscotch, Nutella, or maple syrup. While these are not sophisticated cocktails, they are refreshingly easy to drink.
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[Photo: USM Free Press]

Silly's With A Twist

40 Washington Ave. Portland, ME