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At The Well, Eating From The Farm And On The Farm

Sustainable Food News does a Q&A with Jason Williams, chef/owner The Well at Jordan's Farm in Cape Elizabeth, about his seasonal, locavore restaurant. The Well consists of a trailer, where Williams, who previously cooked at Back Bay Grill in Portland, prepares 3-5 dinner items served Tues.-Sat. evenings. Ninety percent of the ingredients come from within a 20-mile radius; many of them right from the farm. Diners sit in screened gazebos or totally al fresco at tables next to the flower garden.

SFN: What's the focus of The Well? JW: All about supporting Maine farmers, cooking good food and giving it to people of all income levels. You could find this food in the nicest restaurants in Portland, but this place isn't about that. You can come in without a reservation, without a shirt and tie, or dressed up. You can come and get a decent meal that's prepared from local, quality product.
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[Photo: The Well, FB]

The Well At Jordan's Farm

21 Wells Rd. Cape Elizabeth, ME