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Naples Lobster Roll Vies For 'Best Sandwich in America'

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TV chow hound Adam Richman (Travel Channel's Man vs. Food, Man vs. Food Nation) has already lauded the lemon lobster roll from The Galley Restaurant in Naples, listing it as the nation's best in his book, America the Edible. The Lakes Region Weekly reports that the same lobster roll - one of 16 on the Galley's menu - will compete against 29 other sandwiches from across the country for the top prize on Richman's new show, Adam Richman's Best Sandwich in America. Chef Matt Sullivan can't of course say how the contest turns out, and the episode featuring his lobster roll isn't until August 8. The show starts on Wednesday, June 6 at 9 p.m. on Travel Channel.
· Naples Restaurant Featured In Travel Channel Contest [LRW]


The Galley Restaurant

327 Roosevelt Trail, Naples, Maine