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USA Today: Nosh's Burgers A Reason To Visit Portland

Nosh Kitchen Bar's Apocalypse Now burger has cured many a late night meat craving and even wowed Adam Richman on Man vs. Food. USA Today Travel features the beef-pork-foie gras wonder in a Great American Bites column touting Portland, which, "like Austin and Nashville and Birmingham, Ala. has attracted a flurry of creative young chefs and undergone a hip food renaissance that goes far beyond its longtime regional specialties."

Creative use of pork is a recurring theme here, found not only on the fries but in the unique bacon tempura, the Buffalo Pig Belly sandwich, the charcuterie plate and all of the burgers. ... The signature dish is the one thing to try if you are visiting Nosh for the first time and love meat - the Apocalypse Now burger. This is the same pork and beef patty, but topped with American cheese, bacon, crispy pork belly, foie gras and cherry jam. Big and rich, it is protein overload on a plate and not for the faint of heart.
? Great American Bites: Tasty Burgers In The Land Of Lobster [USA Today]

[Photo: Travel Channel]

Nosh Kitchen Bar

551 Congress St., Portland, ME