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Five Ways To Stay Chill In Portland Today

[J's Oyster]

What's up with this heat - in Maine - in JUNE? It won't last, but until the mercury drops, here are some ideas for cooling off:

1. Alternate slurping raw oysters with swigging icy cold Shipyard Summer Ale at J's Oyster. (There might be a sea breeze on the waterfront.)

2. Grab a large cone of limited-time-only strawberry soft serve (made with local berries) at Red's Dairy Freeze in SoPo.

3. Sip a Hot Mama cocktail at Sonny's: house-infused, strawberry-jalapeno vodka, lime juice, simple syrup and a splash of soda - because spicy foods help reduce body temperature.

4. Ask a barista at Bard Coffee for an affogato - espresso poured over Gelato Fiasco gelato or sorbetto. Try a scoop each of espresso chip gelato + dark chocolate noir sorbetto for a serious caffeine buzz.

5. Order the ceviche trio and a flight of tequilas at Zapoteca. Maybe a second flight - and then who cares how hot it is?