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Nordic-Inspired, Hyper-Local Restaurant In The Works

A chef who spent a month last year in the kitchen at Faviken Magasinet in Sweden - called the "world's most daring restaurant" by Bon Appetit, plans to bring the same kind of uber-local cuisine to Portland. David Levi is "working toward opening Vinland, Portland's first 100 percent locally sourced restaurant," according to The Portland Phoenix. The name and concept were inspired by Levi's kitchen experiences in Scandinavia, where he also spent six weeks with Nordic food god Rene Redzepi at Noma in Denmark.

The beverages will be more flexible ... organic coffee produced by Matt Bolinder of Matt's Wood Roasted Organic Coffee, fruit wines, and wines produced in Maine and New England. Cocktails will include meads made with local honey and spirits made with potatoes ...Even with Maine's limited growing season, Levi wants Vinland to be open year-round — using pickling, fermenting, drying, smoking, curing and storing techniques.

Levi does not have a location yet for what he says will be a small - 30 seat - restaurant with a hoped-for fall opening. In the meantime, he and another local chef, Chad Conley, offer cooking classes and tasting dinners - the next will be on June 30 and July 1. The multi-course menus feature foraged ingredients and are gluten-free.

Samples from dinners this spring:
- Rhubarb-Maple Mojito
- Marinated Whelk with Lovage Stem
- Reindeer Lichen with Black Trumpet Salt
- Sunnyside Duck Egg with Rosemary Lard, Sheep Sorrel, and Chives
- Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Blueberries, Black Walnuts, and Maple Zabaione

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