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Otto's Wants More Space; Yarmouth Agrees To More Seats

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Otto's Pizza is hoping to expand to the building next door. At tonight's meeting of Portland's Historic Preservation Board, the board will hold a workshop session, requested by the architect for Otto's owner Michael Keon, to review plans for the renovation of the ground floor at 574 Congress St. (formerly Aphrodite Salon). The plan asks for the new space to match Otto's current storefront. According to a memo by the board, the circa 1826 twin buildings at 576 and 574 Congress are among the earliest on the street but their lower floors have already been significantly altered over the years.

The Forecaster reports that despite some residents' vigorous protests, councilors in Yarmouth have removed a 60-seat cap for eateries downtown, opening the door for Matt Chappell, who wanted 80 seats for his proposed restaurant in a former Masonic Hall. Chappell plans to serve a menu of mostly local ingredients for dinner and Sunday brunch at the yet-unnamed new venture, which was previously home to Clayton's and Haggerty's restaurants. The seating cap was originally put in place to keep national franchises off of Yarmouth's Main Street.

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[Photo: Festiva Resorts Portland blog]

Otto's Pizza

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