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Weird And Wonderful Doughnuts At Kennebec Cafe

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How about a margarita doughnut to get going in the morning? (The Jose Cuervo, sea salt and lime glaze may call for something other than coffee.) Or the "Drop-Kick Murphy" - a chocolate doughnut with Bailey's Irish Creme. These two, plus an array of just-as-wacky others, are served at the Kennebec Cafe in Fairfield - which The Boston Globe says "may have the best-tasting cake doughnuts in the Northeast." The family-run cafe serves breakfast and lunch, but what puts it on the map are owner Ann Maglarases' crazy-good doughnuts.

Every round is handmade from a buttermilk-based cake batter. Ann melts her own chocolate for the chocolate doughnuts — “no mixes here,” she says — and crafts all the glazes on site, from the candied bacon to the chai. “I steep the tea. I mean, who does that?” she says. “I must either love it or be crazy. Maybe a little of both.
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Photo: Yelp

Kennebec Cafe

166 Main St., Fairfield Maine