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Eater Maine Has Arrived!

2012_6_eater-maine-icon%202.jpgWe're thrilled to launch in the most exciting food state in the Northeast. Yeah, we just made that claim and we can totally back it up – as well as show the world that we’re more than lobster and blueberries. At Eater Maine, you won't find original restaurant reviews, recipes, or food porn; but we have you covered with unique reporting, user-generated tips, and a round-up of what the rest of the food people around the state—and the nation—are talking about.

Eater Maine is happy to join the Eater National family of sites, including New York, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, DC, New Orleans and our closest neighbors in Boston. Do give them a click when you get a free moment, but not quite yet.

A little about me, your Eater Maine editor, Susan Axelrod: Before becoming a journalist, I owned a restaurant, and worked as a caterer and personal chef. I still love to cook – you’ll find me blogging about that at Spoon & Shutter. For now, I divide my time between Portland and Northern NJ, where I’m the food editor for a daily newspaper (hoping to be in Maine full-time ASAP). But enough about me. Let's talk about you.

While we hope Eater Maine will be your one-stop shop for all things food and drink in this wonderful state, we can’t do it without our readers: Reader input, comments, rants and raves are our lifeblood. No opening, closing, back-of-the-house mishap, crazy piece of signage, menu typo, health code violation, celebrity sighting, or rumor about a chef knocking up one of his servers is too small or too weird. We love it all.

So, do keep in touch with us and send us anything you think we'd love to hear about via our tipline: So that's about it. This should be a blast, so let's get to it.
· Eater Maine Launches Tuesday [PPH]