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Praise And Questions For Taco Escobarr

[Taco Escobarr, FB]

Taco Escobarr gets raves from The Portland Press Herald in Emma Bouthillette's Bar Guide column, while over at The Portland Daily Sun, columnist Cliff Gallant takes serious issue with the extent of its sidewalk seating. Opened just shy of a year ago by Jason Loring and company from Nosh Kitchen Bar across the street, the boldly decorated tacqueria, like its sister restaurant, serves food and drink with a side of irreverence.

First, the happy news: Bouthillette is thrilled to find a blood-orange margarita on the cocktail menu and says the food - small baskets of tacos, guac and chips and other Mexican snacks - was "served without much fanfare" and "tasty when paired with her drink."

She describes Taco Escobarr as "small," but she must be referring to the indoor space. Outside, what riles Gallant is "a piece of stainless steel construction that extends 5 feet out into the sidewalk, and is 5 feet high and 12 feet long," an "addition" to the bar. He takes his complaint to the city and finds that the rules for sidewalk seating are pretty lax. The State of Maine, however, which according to Gallant has yet to grant Taco Escobarr its outdoor liquor license, may have something to say.

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Taco Escobarr

548 Congress St., Portland, Maine