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Wack Bloody Marys And A Seat You (Probably) Can't Get

'Tis the season for Sunday brunch - what better way to cap off a hectic, pre-holiday weekend than lolling around over richly-sauced eggs and fancy versions of French toast? And of course it's everyone's favorite excuse for a morning cocktail. Like the barbecued rib-garnished Fooze Bloody Mary at Buck's Naked BBQ, one of "15 Over-The-Top Bloody Marys Across The U.S." featured on Eater National for Cocktail Week 2012.

Portland's underground phenom Pocket Brunch is the toughest reservation in town (at any meal period), making the media's fascination seem like somewhat of a cruel tease. The Portland Phoenix covers the latest PB, (above) which had an Acadian theme under the direction of Fore Street chef Nate Nadeau.

The menu stressed pork, maple syrup, and lots of booze. The speakers blared Canadian prog-rock. The drink menu doubled as a Bingo card. Air-guitar champ Erin "McNallica" McNally called games between courses, with vintage balls from the Rochambeau Club in Biddeford.

The Map & Menu bloggers brunch early (to get a good table and take their lovely photos) at Vignola Cinque Terre. They are "absolutely floored" by "apple and cinnamon stuffed French toast, which was so guilt-inducingly sweet that it probably should've just been labeled as a dessert," and "oh-so-savory poached eggs with grilled house ham, tomato conserva, foccacia toast, and a herb hollandaise."

The Travelin' Mainers take their brunch buffet-style, with beer, at The Sea Dog Brewing Company in Topsham, where "there is so much food, you must dine strategically." George hits the buffet several times for "spiced roasted pork loin in a flour tortilla with provolone cheese, sauerkraut, tomato, cilantro and avocado," and cornmeal-crusted redfish, among other offerings, while Linda is thrilled that "the chef didn't even blink when I inquired about the possibility of a small, one-egg omelet."

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[Photo: Pocket Brunch "Bienvenue" by David Zwickerhill Photography]

Buck's Naked BBQ

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