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45 North At Sugarloaf Nearly Ready For Ski Season

Looking towards the bar from the back of the dining room
Looking towards the bar from the back of the dining room

[Photos: Sugarloaf 2020 blog]

When the season ramps up at the largest ski mountain resort in the East later this month, the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel will have a new restaurant, 45 North, which opens this weekend. For the December issue of Maine Magazine, which is devoted to Sugarloaf's charms in all seasons, Joe Ricchio visits longtime mountain chef Gary Hubert in the kitchen of 45 North - currently under construction to replace what was the Double Diamond Steakhouse and Wine Bar, the hotel's main restaurant.

45 North will be an entirely new concept, focusing on Maine comfort food to create both regionally and internationally inspired fare that will significantly raise the bar in the mountain's culinary scene. Decor will seek to re-create the feel of a Maine farmhouse, complete with a barn-door entranceway.Hubert's food is hearty and full-flavored, with the goal of "rewarding those who have been out skiing in the cold all day."Nothing embodies the restaurant's philosophy ... more than a heaping portion of bangers and mashed. A pair of plump, tender sausages are piled atop velvety mashed potatoes before being enveloped in a rich gravy consisting of both veal and beef demi-glace with cream—truly one of the most filling and soul-satisfying plates of food known to man. · 45 North [MM]
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