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"Baked In A Buttery, Crispy, Flavored, FLAKY Crust "

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Warning: If you're drinking something - coffee, beer, tequila - don't take a sip before watching this hilarious video of outtakes from a commercial for Dysart's in Hermon, or whatever liquid it is will come shooting out of your nose. Thanks to Emily Burnham of the Bangor Daily News' Culture Shock blog for the full-on belly laughs from watching "John Palmer – a now-retired former Bangor Daily News employee – and his wife Sonja, and they've become an overnight sensation." John just can't seem to get out the line, "baked in a buttery, flaky crust" to describe Dysart's chicken pot pie.

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Dysart's Truck Stop & Restaurant

530 Coldbrook Road Bangor, ME 04401