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Plush West End Tapas Bar Says Goodbye

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Plush West End, the tapas bar that never seemed to have a soul in it, has closed. On their website is this announcement: "We would like to thank every one of you for your business and patronage! We enjoyed serving you and being a part of your lives!" But recent Yelp reviews don't reflect much of that joy.

Julie C. 10/12/12: It had the worst vibe of any restaurant I have been to in a very long time...the calamari was inedible, it tasted fishy. When we mentioned this to the waitress she said sometimes that
Diane L. 10/21/12: ... 7PM on a Saturday the place was fairly empty. This should have been a clue of what to expect ... The drinks and salads were good but the food is some of the worst we've had in Portland. The mini chimis reminded us of the type of frozen appetizer you get at a wedding reception ... I am over 50 years old and it is the first time I've ever sent a meal back to the kitchen.
[Photo: Yelp]

Plush West End

106 High St. Portland ME