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Dim Sum Pop-Up Coming To Portland Next Year

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The creator of Portland Cloak & Dagger supper club, Erika Joyce, plans to launch the city's first dim sum pop-up in the late winter or early spring, according to her blog, Vin et Grub. Named Chinese Laundry, it is "run by two folks from 'Nam" including Joyce, who is looking for others to jump in, "ie, making dumplings/buns, donating space, marketing, etc." Cloak & Dagger and another underground dining venture, Pocket Brunch, were reason No. 29 in DownEast's November cover story "50 Reasons Why We Love Portland."

Both underground clubs are secretive, yet open to anyone. They exist so people can forge connections around the idea that there's constantly something inventive and unexpected to enjoy in the world of Portland food.

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[Photo: Vin & Grub blog]