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UPDATE: Blogger Was Wrong; Inspector on Medical Leave

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Was Portland health inspector Michelle Sturgeon so good at her job that the city pulled her off it? That's the question posed by Carol McCracken of the Munjoy Hill News after asserting that although Sturgeon remains employed by the city, "State Health Inspectors are doing the work for which Sturgeon was hired last year." But since City Manager Mark Rees had "no comment," and "Mayor Michael Brennan said he had no knowledge of Sturgeon's changed duties," it's unclear how, other than via "anonymous," McCracken determined that Sturgeon is no longer on the job. Sturgeon initially made the news this summer, when she shut down the Porthole on Portland's waterfront for a rat infestation, which ultimately resulted in the restaurant's shutter.

UPDATE: In response to McCracken's story, the city, with Sturgeon's permission, divulged that the health inspector had not been relieved of her duties, but would be going on medical leave, according to The Portland Press Herald. The Bangor Daily News removed the story from its home page, although it remains on the Munjoy Hill News page, and published its own follow up.

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