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Vampiro: A Drink To Take A Bite Out Of Your Hangover

John Meyers, bartender at The Grill Room, is a hangover cure expert, having even taught a Hangover Seminar at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans a few years ago. In a column he wrote for the Boston chapter of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), he recommends the Vampiro.

2 1/2 oz. tomato juice
1 oz. OJ
1 oz. silver tequila
1 tsp. honey
1/3 oz. lime juice
1 Tbsp. finely chopped onion
2 slices red hot chile pepper
1 dash Worcestershire sauce
salt to taste
Shake and strain. Also great after a day in the fridge.

Frank Sinatra got it half right when he said that he felt sorry for non-drinkers because when they wake up in the morning, that's the best they'll feel all day. What he forgot to mention is that the opposite is also true: For drinkers, when they wake up in the morning, they know that's the WORST that they'll feel.

Drinking too much is a lot like jumping off a building. The falling is fine, even fun. It's the sudden stop at the end that hurts. So the only surefire way to avoid a hangover is to either not start drinking, or not stop.

But hangovers happen and I figure it's as good an excuse as any for drinking in the shower. Take an ice cold can of beer into the shower with you and you've got lightning in a bottle. The cold scrubbing bubbles on the inside, the hot steamy bubbles on the outside is a magic combination. Hold the cold can against your head ...

And it's four years old, but a column Meyers' wrote for The Bollard still holds totally true:

'Tis the season to be jolly, they say, and the 30 or so nights between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day are a target-rich environment if you're hell-bent on jumping for Joy or trying to make Mary. But be forewarned. Lurking in the bushes, behind every clump of holly or bouquet of mistletoe, awaits the great Leveler of Revelers: The Hangover.

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[Photo: Cocktail Hunter blog]