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Petite Jacqueline A 'Best'; LFK's Good Meat; More

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Photo:Ted Axelrod

WEST END - Petite Jacqueline in Portland is one of 204 restaurants nationwide listed in the 2012 edition of Kunda Eats Best New Restaurants in America.. The restaurants all opened in 2010 or 2011 and "encompassed all types and manner of dining establishments, from high-end to cheap eats. Using a unique methodology, our egalitarian approach does not discriminate based on size, cost, décor, location, or type of cuisine." The book is available from Amazon.

BANGOR - The owners of 11 Central spent six months "transforming the location from a cafeteria-style lunch spot into a casually hip late-night restaurant, according to Emily Burnham of the Bangor Daily News, who has a video interview with owners Ann Marie Orr and Brett Settle. "11 Central's focus is on fresh and simple comfort food with a Mediterranean flair, paired with creative cocktails and a lively atmosphere. For $25, you can get a gourmet pizza and beer for two." [BDN]

WEST END - Reflecting on the recent success story of workers at NYC's Hot and Crusty Bakery chain, who fought to unionize and won, Portland Daily Sun columnist Natalie Ladd concludes that while not perfect, in Maine "even our hospitality employment scene is The Way Life Should Be." She then switches gears to applaud L.F.K. for its meat and cheese combo plate, "fresh and interesting," and "artfully arranged." [PDS]

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Petite Jacqueline

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