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Porthole Closed; Renovation Plans In Question

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Plagued by bad press since it was closed for two days last month to clean up a rat infestation and plumbing problems, Porthole restaurant and Comedy Connection are indefinitely shuttered, according to The Portland Press Herald. Owner Oliver Keithly said he plans to renovate, but no permits have been filed with the city, and building owner Kenneth MacGowan "said it would be unfair for the city to expect the buildings to be brought up to current codes."

On the waterfront, that would be a death notice, he said. These buildings aren't made to be converted to 2012. standards. ... He also wants to understand the city's expectations before investing tens of thousands of dollars in the buildings.
MacGowan said that Porthole's phone has been disconnected (confirmed by Eater Maine) and Keithly "told him that he may vacate the building at the end of this month."

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